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mReceipt - The Receipt App for iPhone and iPad.

Create professional receipts (PDF) with finger-written signatures in the blink of an eye.

Unlimited amount of receipts - without hidden costs!

"mReceipt" - The simplest way to create professional receipts with your iPhone or iPad.

With mReceipt you have your receipt book always right next to you, in your pocket, and you can create professional receipts with finger-written signatures in the blink of an eye.

You can always keep track of your receipts and they will be ready to be filed in your accounting, just after being sent.

By the way, you don't even have to spend any more money on receipt books or blank forms. This app will come in handy whether you work in the field or in an office.

mReceipt PLUS Screen 1 Siganture and receipt PDF Screenshot

"mReceipt" - Receipts as you know them.

mReceipt PLUS Screen 2 Settings Screenshot

     Professional PDFs like they originated from a receipt book
     Unlimited amount of receipts, NO additional costs
     Add your personal company logo *
     Sign with your finger
     Send out PDF receipts via e-mail
     Dropbox connection to file your receipts *
     AirPrint support receipt printing over WLAN *
     Self calculating gross / net amounts using your tax rate setting
     Define the tax rate and currency sign you need
     Auto convert numerical amount to words *
     Individual presettings and much more
   *) exclusive feature of mReceipt PLUS

"mReceipt" is simply intuitive.

The app guides you step by step through the receipt:

     Receipt number (sequential number generation)
     Amount (gross or net)
     Payment received from / payer
     Object (with presettings *)
     Issuer / signer data with presettings
     Date and location
     Additional notes, e.g. type of payment *
   *) exclusive feature of mReceipt PLUS

mReceipt PLUS Screen 3 intuitive work flow

"mReceipt" is time saving.

You decide if you prefer to enter the gross or net amount, mReceipt self calculats the other amounts using your tax rate setting for you. If you like mReceipt PLUS even auto converts the numerical amount to words * to complete the receipt.

Depending on whether you use the PLUS oder the Lite Version of mReceipt, there are different preset options for your receipts you can define in the app settings (e.g. your company data incl. company logo *, different objects * or additional notes * like payment types or notes for your booking) and easily access them when issuing a receipt.

You can grant mReceipt to access your contacts to issue receipts even faster.

*) exclusive feature of mReceipt PLUS

"mReceipt" takes care.

"mReceipt PLUS" and "mReceipt Lite" generate the PDF receipts WITHOUT external services.

In order to avoid abuse, the signature will be discarded when you exit the signature dialogue. Each receipt / receipt modification must be countersigned.

In "mReceipt PLUS" an "mReceipt Lite" there is NO unwanted or hidden data transmission. You decide when to send your receipt via email, to an AirPrint device or upload it to your Dropbox.

"mReceipt PLUS" is even more.

     Add your personal company logo using the built-in camera or your photo album
     Store your receipts in your connected Dropbox
     Print over WLAN using AirPrint
     Possibility to preset issuer data and a default e-mail address
     Individual definition of up to 3 different objects
     Individual definition of up to 3 additional notes

See for yourself.

Or start with the Lite Version of mReceipt.

Please note that by now "mReceipt Lite" is a seperate app without an in-app purchase to upgrade to "mReceipt PLUS".


You can issue as many receipts as you like, there are NO additional costs.
The signatures are only used once when generating the PDF receipt and won't be stored seperatly. If you leave the screen "Signatures", or perform any modifications on the receipt, the receipt must be signed again.
mReceipt only reads contact information for the receipt you are issuing (Button "Contacts"). Once you select a contact, the data will be used just for the receipt. The app does not modify any of your contact data or send data other than the receipt PDFs you actively send or upload.
Yes. With completion of the signature dialog a the receipt PDF will be stored within the app under "My Receipts". There you can access all your receipts and send them again.
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